About me

In this world without the two extra lives when dying my name is Julius Kuschke. I’m a gamer since my brother and I won a NES as first prize in a lottery at an annual fair. Or as I like to call  it: the day when the god of gaming chose a new disciple. I was about six back then. Since that I rescued many princesses, used dozens of magical artifacts, fought at least fifty full-grown dragons, solved uncountable puzzles and led armies to victory in various centuries. So far, the usual life of a gamer.

But when I was twelve I realized that playing games was not enough for me. I wanted to create my own adventures, my own worlds, my own rules. So I decided to become a game designer.

After studying game design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, I worked as Game Improvement Designer for Frogster Online Gaming. Since February 2011 I’m working as Software / Game Designer at Nevigo in Bochum, where I’m responsible for the design of articy:draft. In addition to my full-time job I started teaching game and level design at the SAE Institute Bochum.

I’m particularly interested in the topics of episodic games and interactive storytelling.